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Am I a Candidate for Laser Eye Surgery?

Am I a Candidate for Laser Eye Surgery?

Are you considering laser eye surgery? Modern surgery can solve common vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism in addition to vision issues caused by other eye disorders. Here’s what makes a good candidate.
Jun 18th, 2024
Common Signs of Keratoconus

Common Signs of Keratoconus

Vision changes — blurry, cloudy, or other vision issues — can stop you in your tracks. This month, learn the signs of keratoconus, an eye disorder that can impair your vision if left untreated.
May 2nd, 2024
When to See a Specialist About Your Cataract Symptoms

When to See a Specialist About Your Cataract Symptoms

Has your vision changed lately? Is it challenging to see at night? Perhaps the world looks cloudy. You may need to think about cataract surgery. Check out these cataract symptoms that tell you it’s time for an eye checkup.
Apr 2nd, 2024
Healing From Cornea Surgery: What to Expect

Healing From Cornea Surgery: What to Expect

You’re scheduled for cornea surgery, and you’ve learned about the procedure — but you’re wondering about recovery. How long will you be out of work? Will your vision be restored? Read on to learn what to expect after this delicate eye surgery.
Mar 7th, 2024
What's the Difference Between LASIK and PRK?

What's the Difference Between LASIK and PRK?

If you’re tired of wearing glasses, you may want to investigate vision surgery. You’ve heard that LASIK is a fairly simple and effective procedure. However, not everyone is eligible. Learn about PRK, which is an alternative.
Dec 13th, 2023
Do Cataracts Only Affect Seniors?

Do Cataracts Only Affect Seniors?

Do cataracts develop only in seniors? No. Anyone can have cataracts, including babies, children, and adults in middle age. Find out more about when and how some cataracts develop.
Nov 15th, 2023
Diabetes and Early Cataracts: What’s the Connection?

Diabetes and Early Cataracts: What’s the Connection?

Whether you’ve had diabetes for years or you’ve just been diagnosed, it’s important to stay abreast of all diabetes-related information. Learn about the connection between diabetes and early cataracts here.
Oct 11th, 2023

5 Possible Warning Signs of Keratoconus

Your eye health is easy to take for granted, but eye disorders do occur and can affect your vision. Here, learn the warning signs for keratoconus, an eye condition that can result in vision loss if it goes untreated.
Aug 4th, 2023
Can Carrots Actually Improve Your Eyesight?

Can Carrots Actually Improve Your Eyesight?

Do you remember a parent or other adult telling you to eat your carrots because they’re good for your eyesight? Learn whether this folk remedy has a basis in fact.
Jun 5th, 2023
Ask These Questions Before Cornea Surgery

Ask These Questions Before Cornea Surgery

You’re going to have cornea surgery, and you have quite a few questions on your mind. Making a list of your questions and covering them with your ophthalmologist before your procedure helps give you peace of mind.
May 15th, 2023
What Most Don't Realize About LASIK

What Most Don't Realize About LASIK

You’re considering LASIK, but you have some questions and concerns. Is it really safe? You’ll be pleased to learn about the high satisfaction rate and more. Thirty million people worldwide have already taken the step. Find out more here.
Mar 14th, 2023
What Problems Can Affect Your Cornea and How Are They Treated?

What Problems Can Affect Your Cornea and How Are They Treated?

Your world can easily become more limited if you experience blurred or cloudy vision or a loss of vision. If you notice problems with your vision, it could be related to your cornea, and it’s important that you see an eye specialist right away.
Feb 14th, 2023
3 Vision Problems That Refractive Surgery Corrects

3 Vision Problems That Refractive Surgery Corrects

Do you wish you could be free of glasses or contact lenses? Refractive surgery corrects several common vision problems so you no longer need corrective lenses. Here’s what surgery corrects and how it can improve your quality of life.
Jan 12th, 2023
5 Eye Conditions Caused by Sun Damage

5 Eye Conditions Caused by Sun Damage

Did you know that too much sun can damage your eyes in addition to your skin? Learn about five eye conditions that can develop from leaving your eyes unprotected from the sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays.
Oct 11th, 2022
Recognizing the First Signs of Keratitis

Recognizing the First Signs of Keratitis

You notice that one of your eyes is red. This could be a first sign of a condition called keratitis — an inflammation of the cornea — which can be infectious, lead to serious complications, and even cause blindness. Recognize the signs.
Sep 7th, 2022
Is Keratoconus Hereditary?

Is Keratoconus Hereditary?

Keratoconus can be hereditary, but in many cases, we can’t identify the cause. No matter what causes keratoconus, the condition always causes progressive eye damage that needs early treatment. Here’s what you need to know about keratoconus.
Aug 1st, 2022
Having Trouble Seeing at Night? It Could Be Your Corneas

Having Trouble Seeing at Night? It Could Be Your Corneas

Your ability to see at night takes the coordinated efforts of the components of your eyes. When you start to have trouble seeing at night, it might be for a number of reasons. Sometimes, it’s due to changes in your corneas, the transparent outer layers.
Jul 6th, 2022
Will I Still Need Glasses after LASIK Surgery?

Will I Still Need Glasses after LASIK Surgery?

With success rates that range from 90-99%, you assume that undergoing LASIK surgery will eliminate your need for glasses. In a majority of cases, this is very much true, but there are some exceptions.
Jun 7th, 2022
How UV Rays Damage Your Eyes and How You Can Prevent It

How UV Rays Damage Your Eyes and How You Can Prevent It

Most of us know our skin needs protection from the sun, but your eyes need protection, too. In fact, without protection from the sun’s UV rays, you can be at risk for lots of vision problems. These tips can help protect your eyes and your vision.
May 1st, 2022
Is Corneal Disease Hereditary?

Is Corneal Disease Hereditary?

Corneal disease may be a result of infection, trauma, or degenerative changes. It could also be linked to your genes. Learn more about the hereditary risk factors of corneal disease and the treatments available that can protect your vision.
Apr 4th, 2022
How You Can Support Your Eye Health

How You Can Support Your Eye Health

Regular checkups are essential to your bodily health, including your eye health. Between visits, take care of your eyes to protect your vision. Here’s what we recommend.
Sep 6th, 2021
5 Signs of a Cornea Problem

5 Signs of a Cornea Problem

Blurry vision should be more than enough to get you back to your optometrist, but your sensitive cornea may be affected by more than meets the eye. Stay vigilant, and watch out for these symptoms.
Aug 6th, 2021

4 Common Causes of Vision Problems

You rely on your vision to tell you what’s in front of you, and most things about your surroundings. Good eye care can prevent issues, but even with the best care, your vision can be affected by internal issues, requiring medical intervention.
Jun 20th, 2021

Understanding the Different Types of Cataracts

It’s common for your vision to weaken as you get older, and one cause for this could be the slow development of cataracts, the clouding of your eyes’ lenses. There are three main types of cataracts that start in different locations.
May 3rd, 2021

Your Treatment Options for Keratoconus

If your vision is blurry, or if you have trouble driving at night, you may have a rare eye disease called keratoconus that changes the shape of your eye. Without treatment, keratoconus gets worse. With treatment, you can see normally again.
Mar 9th, 2021

See More Clearly in the New Year With Refractive Surgery

Refractive surgery corrects refractive errors, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia. Learn if you’re a candidate for surgery to fix your vision problem and ease your dependence on contacts or glasses.
Jan 12th, 2021

Your Guide to Corneal Mapping

With corneal mapping, your ophthalmologist can best understand the shape of your cornea in order to deliver the most ideal treatment for you. Learn more about this groundbreaking diagnostic tool here.
Dec 1st, 2020

What Does It Mean to Have Astigmatism?

Do you have blurry vision? Learn about a common eye condition called astigmatism and what options are available to correct your vision — from corrective eyewear to refractive surgery.
Nov 8th, 2020

Understanding the Difference Between PRK and LASIK

Laser surgery has made it possible for ophthalmologists to perform some amazing procedures. PRK and LASIK are two such procedures, but they are used for different purposes and are not suitable for everyone.
Oct 1st, 2020

Do You Have These Symptoms of a Cornea Problem?

The three layers that make up your cornea are meant to be perfectly clear. When affected by injury or disease, corneal problems may mean you have difficulty seeing. Be on the lookout for these common cornea symptoms before big problems begin.
Sep 10th, 2020

Recognizing the Early Signs of Cataracts

Cataracts are a common age-related eye disorder that affects around half of Americans by the age of 75. The disease is progressive, but knowing the early signs can help you get the expert treatment you need from an experienced ophthalmologist.
Aug 17th, 2020

How Contact Lenses Can Correct Your Cornea

Many people correct their vision with contacts, but you may struggle with conventional contact lenses if you have corneal problems. Learn about specialty contact lenses, which can fit eyes with corneal problems — and even fix misshapen corneas.
Jul 16th, 2020

Not a Candidate for LASIK Surgery? Explore Your Options

Have you been told you’re not a good candidate for LASIK surgery, but you still want to be able to ditch the glasses? You have options. Keep reading to learn more about the other procedures to help you improve your vision.
Jun 18th, 2020

Cornea Surgery — Which One is Right For You?

If you’re dealing with vision loss, the issue could be coming from your cornea. And if your doctor recommends surgery, you might be surprised at the number of options for cornea procedures. Learn more about them, and which one might be right for you.
May 26th, 2020

Top Causes of Blurry Vision

Blurry vision is a fairly common eye complaint. With as much time as Americans spend looking at computer screens, that shouldn’t be too surprising. But other things can cause blurry vision, too. Take a moment to find out what they are.
Apr 17th, 2020

Are You a Candidate for LASIK?

Glasses and contacts correct your vision, but they’re inconvenient and imperfect. Wake up to a clear world every day by correcting your eyesight with LASIK surgery. Read on to learn if it’s right for you.
Nov 1st, 2019

Common Conditions That Impact the Cornea

Do you have cloudy vision, or maybe have issues driving at night? It could be a problem with your corneas. Any of several cornea conditions can affect your sight, but Dr. Khachikian can figure out the cause and get you the correct treatment.
Sep 1st, 2019

How to Manage Keratoconus Symptoms

Is your vision becoming cloudy or distorted? You might have keratoconus, a condition that causes significant visual impairment. The longer you wait, the worse it becomes. Learn how to diagnose and manage keratoconus today.
Aug 20th, 2019

5 Symptoms of Cataracts You Should Know

Cataracts are a common problem affecting over 24 million Americans ages 40 and older. By age 75, half of us will suffer from cataracts. But do you know how to recognize their symptoms? We’re here to help you spot the warning signs.
Jul 16th, 2019
LASIK or PRK: Which is right for you?

How PRK Surgery Differs From Lasik Surgery

Deciding to have laser surgery to correct your vision isn’t simply a yes/no question. There are several procedures to choose from, each with its own pros and cons. PRK and LASIK are two of the most common and successful vision correction surgeries.
Jun 17th, 2019